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Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often improves customer service. In today’s global online reach, it is essential to stay in touch and engage yourself directly with the current and prospective customers.

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Just Trying
Trying Online
  • No. Of Channels – 1
  • Total Creatives Designed – 8
  • Facebook
  • Channel As per Customer
  • Monthly Creative – 7 Nos.
  • Cover photo updates – 1 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
Not Decided
  • No. Of Channels – 1
  • Total Creatives Designed – 18
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Channel as per Customer
  • Monthly Creative – 16 Nos.
  • Cover photo updates – 2 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
Just Begin
  • No. Of Channels – 1
  • Total Creatives Designed – 34
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Channel as per Customer
  • Monthly Creative – 30 Nos.
  • Cover photo updates – 4 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
  • No. Of Channels – 1
  • Total Creatives Designed – 50
  • Facebook
  • Management with all aspectes
  • Monthly Creative – 30 No.
  • Cover photo updates – 4 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
  • Event Creation and Execution – 1 No.
  • Creative for event – 5 No.
  • Paid boosting included – Rs 1000
  • No. Of Channels – up to 2
  • Total Creatives Designed – 55
  • Facebook, Instagram, PinIT & Twitter
  • Channel as per Customer
  • Monthly Creative – 50 Nos.
  • Cover photo updates – 5 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
  • No. Of Channels – 3
  • Total Creatives Designed – 125
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Channel as per Customer
  • Monthly Creative – 90 Nos.
  • Cover photo updates – 10 No.
  • Festival Wishes included
  • Event Creation and execution – 1 No.
  • Event creatives creation – 10 No.
  • Slide share creation – 4 No.
  • Paid Post Boosting – Rs 2500 monthly

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Dedicated Resources
Add Dedicated resources to your project , we manage ,we plan and we deliver
Response Management
Add Dedicated resource to your social media channel to manage and reply the queries you receive professionally

What is Social Media
Why Essential

E-marketing Solution: The Ultimate Platform of Social Media Services
Using our exclusive social media marketing services, you will receive profound benefits when it comes to establishing your brand on the top social media platforms. This way, you can directly converse with a range of customers.
Social media marketing can be seen as an effective digital marketing strategy employed by the business for the promotion of their brand. Entrepreneurs get to reach their target customers directly in a positive way.
Our organization makes the most of advanced forms of social media marketing tools for promoting brands. Using our services, your brand will get to reach customers using a variety of social media channels, offering you the opportunity to monitor your brands as well as conduct customer sentiment analysis. This will eventually be gold for your company as you will get to market your services and products in a better fashion. Our SMO services in Ludhiana also promise the same results.
E-marketing Solution makes use of a social media marketing technical platform that helps in integrating the latest social networks whenever they are accessible.
Using our services, you will be able to communicate with existing and new customers on a variety of social channels, monitor the brands mentioned by themand learn about the competitor’s industry sentiments and terms. With our technical expertise, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your post regarding a campaign, which will positively impact the growth of your business. By conducting current data analysis and closely studying the current market trends, we make relevant references.

Get to Create and Employ

After we are done with a careful analysis, we will help in creating as well as distributing the content right away using several social media channels that include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Therefore, our social media tools will help you in publishing your brand content in bulk for targeting the right audience. It is also possible to customize your posts with respect to your preferences using our social media tools.

Get to Observe and Pay Attention

In order to help your company grow, you need to observe your brands performance. Listing to conversations of your customer in order to analyse sentiments is also quite important. By availing our services, we will ensure that all the negative and positive reviews are monitored effectively. We will help manage the different social media streams by tracking different social media properties.

Get to Evaluate

We will help in generating quick and detailed reports using our services by evaluating your brand campaigns success metrics. You will also be able to track down the content messages, different social media profiles, and sources of your brands in a given amount of time. This step is very essential if you are looking to make a positive change in your company’s marketing strategies. With our help, you get to simplify the process.

Get to Expand

With social media marketing, you will be able to find new potential customers who can be targeted for expanding your business. You will also be allowed to strike direct conversations on the social platform.

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