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Search Engine Optimization is a very strong and effective web marketing technique used for improving the rank of a website in various Search engine index.

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Basic Package
  • High Quality Content Creation – 1 nos
  • Info-graphics – 1 nos
  • Articles – 1 nos
  • Reviews Writing – 10 nos
  • Top Classifieds – 3 nos.
  • Competitor Analysis – 1 nos.
  • Social bookmarking
  • Reports
  • Minimum Hire Period – 6 Months
Pro Package
  • High Quality Content Creation – 2 nos
  • Info-graphics – 2 nos
  • Articles – 1 nos
  • Reviews Writing – 15 nos
  • Top Classifieds – 3 nos.
  • Competitor Analysis – 2 nos.
  • Social bookmarking
  • Reports
  • Minimum Hire Period – 5 Months
  • Slide share – 1 no
  • Website Banners Design – 1 no
Advanced Package
  • High Quality Content Creation – 3 nos
  • Info-graphics – 3 nos
  • Articles – 1 nos
  • Reviews Writing – 20 nos
  • Top Classifieds – 3 nos.
  • Competitor Analysis – 3 nos.
  • Social bookmarking
  • Reports
  • Minimum Hire Period – 4 Months
  • Slide share – 1 no
  • Website Banners Design – 4 no
  • Press Release – 1 no

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What is SEO and how is it beneficial

Search Engine Optimization is a very strong and effective web marketing technique used for improving the rank of a website in various Search engine index.

Emarketingsolution can make a website more search engine optimized so that it can be ranked higher than other sites. As a user searches a query through any search engine the website having best rank appears on the top. This is regarded as the most relevant and useful link by the user and hence it gets the most number of hits. This is a very efficient way to get genuine traffic.

Emarketingsolution can make a difference

Search engines rely on various techniques to find and index websites in their directory. Emarketingsolution can provide the best SEO so that the website can be easily crawled and indexed. This web marketing tool immensely improves the ranking of a website. Most search engines use specialized programs called bots or crawlers to roam into various webpages and index word into various categories that help in sorting out results when a particular keyword is searched by the used. These crawlers cannot understand video clips, pictures, scripts, flash animations and other interactive objects used in a website. They mainly browse through the text part of a website and index the words used in them according to relevancy.

Algorithms and techniques used

Emarketingsolution does in depth research on these algorithms and makes it optimized for every search engine. The relevancy of a searched word is calculated because many webpages may contain the same words or string of words. Emarketingsolution provide professional help to keep a website on top of the result list and find new ideas constantly to keep the website optimized. This checking is done based on certain algorithms that are predefined by the programmers of search engines.The big players like Google and yahoo constantly change their algorithm to give the best results possible. Different search engines use different algorithms and so a website must be optimized in a way such that it is crawler friendly.

Various SEO procedures for various search engines

Different search engines prefer to follow various methods to give some websites more preference than others. Google uses links to identify the index of a website while others like Bing use keywords and texts to for indexing. Google likes the domains which are older than others while other search engines do not care about that. Search Engine Optimization is very important in today’s market where thousands of websites crop up every day. After many studies and surveys it has been found out that 91 % users use search engines to surf the web. So it is clear that web marketing is the foremost step of making a popular website.

SEO strategies

To stay ahead of the competition one can keep track of other competitors and see what steps they are taking. New websites are searched and found every day. Emarketing solution chalks out SEO strategies beforehand so that its website is indexed well in all search engines databases. It must be kept in mind that well organized Meta tags and new contents are the pre requisites of a successful website.

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